We are a group of like-minded human beings who stopped
drinking dairy milk and started making delicious,
plant-based mylks in our kitchen

Our friends came over and had a glass of mylk, then their friends
came over and had taste, all everyone could say was:
"NoWHEY that’s not dairy!".

The result? We were making people happier, healthier
and reducing their carbon footprints. And so, NoWHEY was born.

Making the switch to a plan-based diet is and important
(and delicious) step to a happier, more positive lifestyle


We want to change the world, and we want to do it while basking
in the sunniest city on the planet!

*Our kitchen ran out of space for all our
mylk loving guests, so we invented the 21st-century
mylk (wo)man.

Our mylk(wo)man then delivers to customers using our app, while taking back empty bottles
to get them nice and clean to be refilled for the next delivery... say goodbye to the useless
tetrapack packaging


Get freshly Mylks and other yummy foods
straight to your home or business


Our mylk facts:

We mix all up, pour it into our recyclable glass bottles and send
to our mylk(wo)man to your home or cafe.

Our mylk has a 12-15% nut content which is
at least 5x what you find in commercial mylks available today
and to top it up, bs additives are ever used.